Joyce didn’t waste any of my time

Joyce didn’t have to be told twice about my wishes for the home I was looking for. She showed me only the houses that met my needs, and steered me away from ones I thought I wanted to look at, because she’d already been there and knew it wasn’t what I was looking for. Joyce didn’t waste any of my time, and I loved that!

Also, when it came to the final negotiations with the seller, Joyce turned around questions, concerns, inspections, etc. in lightening time. I was NEVER waiting on her; she was taking care of all the roadblocks before I ever knew that they were there. If you want a realtor who will work to get the most out of your home or get the most for your money, you can count on Joyce to do that for you.

And, she’ll make you laugh and have a good time while you do it! She’s the best!

— Boise Area